Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slip Up

It was just a matter of time, right?  The mall was calling my name this weekend.  As many of you shoppers know, January is an amazing time for sales.  Gap dramatically marks down their prices (they had men’s jeans for $15 each!).  Just like its big sister, Baby Gap marks down their clothes, too.  I got Turner a romper, swimsuit, headband, and shoes for just under $20!  She also got two sleepers and two outfits from Macy’s (I had a gift card so this part doesn't really count) for about $45.  The prices were amazing.  I didn’t even look at my section of Gap.  I have vowed to not buy any clothes until all the baby weight is gone.  I still have about 15lbs left (funny enough, that’s about how much Tutu weighs).  
Oh, and I went to Target (bad news bears) and got more than formula.  *We love their Up and Up brand of soy formula.  It’s half the price, and Tu spits up less than when we used the Enfamil ProSobee* Tutu needed a Valentine’s outfit and matching shoes, right?!  The girl can’t go anywhere without a bib, so she got some of those, too.  I walked out of Target $85 poorer.
How does all this fit in the budget?  Oh, right.  It doesn’t.  About once a month I get an itch to shop.  I see this as a victory, since it used to be about every three days.  Lately, Zach has done the grocery shopping (yes I even get my shopping high from the grocery store) since the car seat takes up a majority of the cart.  I needed my fix.  I hadn’t shopped since Christmas, and I got that done early (thank you, Cyber Monday).  After church on Sunday, Mama and Brian took us to Flat Top (Thank You!) and asked if we wanted to go to the mall with them.  We thought it would be fun to push Tutu around in the stroller, so we said yes.  We spent about 3 hours walking around, going in and out of stores.  Word to the wise: if you can’t hold yourself back, don’t even go!  EVERYTHING was on sale.  I was saving my Macy’s GC for Tutu’s Easter dress/hat, but we’ll have to put that in April’s budget.
Hopefully, this will be the last shopping trip for awhile.  Maybe when Tutu is in all that ridiculous stuff from Justice, I won’t be so tempted.  Any slip ups out there?

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