Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Funding a Baby

This post is not about paying the hospital bills.  We don’t have a grasp on that, so we are in no place to give you tips.  This is about a little secret a friend told me.

At my newish job (I've been here just over two months), employees must wait six months to receive health insurance.  Naturally that would fall when Tutu is going to the doctor every two months.  I looked into temporary insurance, and it turns out they do not have to cover anything under the super high deductible.  Ah, the woes of being an adult.  So, since Zach and I are on a very tight budget, we decided paying over $100/month for it wasn't smart.  Keep your fingers crossed that nothing horrible happens!

I was telling my friend about this, and he told me about his girlfriend not having insurance with her first daughter.  She wanted to stay with her pediatrician, but the cost of vaccines was through the roof.  Well, turns out you can take them to the Health Department for $8 per vaccine!  The baby still has her monthly check-up, they just skip the shots.  Oh, and the Health Department sets up shop at a church right in our town!  (This was key, because the Health Department office is about 40 minutes away.) So, this afternoon little baby Tutu gets to go to the doctor and skip the pain!  That makes this mama happy.  However, on February 4th, we have to go through the harrowing experience.  The shots don’t bother her nearly as much as they bother me.  After about 10 seconds, she’s over it.  We didn't even give her pain medicine for her 2 month shots.  She’s a trooper!

You have a chance to help us with our getting out of debt journey!  I entered Tutu in the Peoria Journal Star’s Cutest Baby Contest!  Vote Tutu!

We actually plan to put any winnings in Tutu’s savings account.  As of right now, it’s her college fund.  If we are able to save enough money, it will be her nest egg for her wedding, a down payment on a house, or whatever she wants. 



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