Monday, January 20, 2014

Date Day!

Zach and I are firm believers in dates after you’re married.  BT (Before Tutu) we usually had dinner out once or twice (or three times) every weekend.  Now, as noted earlier this month, we are allotting one meal out per month.  Well, we both blew it this month.  We both had breakfast at McDonald’s separately (gross). 

Well, lucky for us, we had gift cards!!!  I had a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card from my former manager, and we got movie theater gift cards from family friends last Christmas.  Hooray date day!  Sunday was the only day this would happen.  Zach has wrestling tournaments just about every Saturday until March. We are too busy during the week to fit in date night, so Sunday was the lucky winner!  We decided to go right after church since my parents could take Tu home from there, and we’d already be in town.  So, off to B-dubs we went!  We ate quickly (the service was great) and decided phones would only be for emergencies.  Then we headed to the theater.  We saw American Hustle (really great) and talked about it the whole way to my parents’ house. 

So, there you have our free day date!  It wasn’t totally free.   We did have to pay $2.68 at lunch to include a tip, but I think that’s okay since both our meals this month were at McD’s (not exactly fine dining prices).  Next month we will be stronger (especially since we don’t have any more gift cards). 

We can’t wait for summer so we can go for picnic dates!  Do you have any creative date ideas that won’t break the bank?

T & Z

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