Friday, January 3, 2014

Here It Is! Welcome!

We decided to start a blog to help people by teaching through our own experience.  We haven't actually gone through the experience yet; that's what we plan to share with you.  We also hope you'll chime in and tell us what is going on in your lives.  Recently we sent out a letter (well, via Facebook...that's a real letter, right?):

Dear Friends and Family,
Starting now, Zach and I are making a major life change.  We will begin to live on less than we make.  We won’t be able to go out to eat (unless you want to take us out), go to the movies, or really take part in any other entertainment that requires money outside of our set budget.  We've been living above our means for far too long.
We have several goals we’d like to hit (Tutu to college debt free, buy a house, etc), and that won’t happen without some serious cutbacks.  We need your support.  Please understand when we say we can’t do something.  Please don’t pressure us.  We still want to be a part of your lives, so let’s get creative!  Many activities require little to no money.
Our choice will allow us to teach our daughter by example.  We don’t want her to make the same mistakes we have, so please respect our choice.  Anyone that would like to join us in this massive upheaval is welcome!  Let’s make our lives (and thus our children’s lives) better!
There it is.  We know we can't be the only people that want to make their lives better, so join us!

Zach and Tara

P.S.  Tell your friends!

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