Saturday, January 4, 2014


So, Tutu and I are home this morning, chilling in our PJs. This whole not working on Saturdays is pretty new for me. For pretty much my entire working life, I've been on the clock on Saturday. No Saturdays at work mean I get to spend two whole days with my little family!
Then Zach told me he was going to coach wrestling again this year. The time commitment is insane. He has practice every week night, unless he has a meet, and a lot of tournaments on Saturdays. I was livid. 
I'm still not thrilled with him being gone so much. Some nights he doesn't get home until 8pm. I have since realized that he's not doing it to make me mad. He's making a sacrifice for our family. He doesn't enjoy being away from home any more than I do. I am thankful my husband has a part time job that he loves. With any other second job (a typical one, maybe delivering pizzas) he would be home so much later. 7:30 or 8? Not bad. 11? Bad. I'll take my happy wrestling coach. 

I also want to use this post to say thank you for all your support! This journey will be so much easier knowing we have all of you standing behind us!

Tara and Tutu
Tutu, still rocking the Santa jammies!

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