Sunday, February 16, 2014

Show It, Don’t Spend It

Ah, love is in the air.  I think Valentine’s Day is dreaded and loved by an equal number of people.  A very clever friend (shout out Lisa G!) always called it “Singles’ Awareness Day” because no other day makes you more aware that you’re single.  It seems mean to make such a big deal out of something so many people are excluded from.  I spent a majority of my V Days with my mama as my Valentine.  Since I have a husband now (who absolutely loves Valentine’s Day), it’s time to celebrate! (Well, it’s time to celebrate him.)

I wanted to do something special for Zach this year, since I haven’t celebrated in the past.  I’ve been anti-Valentine’s for so long, it seems hypocritical to suddenly be all about it.  I know he would want nothing more than to shower me with gifts and candy, but that isn’t in the budget (story of our lives).  We aren’t able to be together on the actual day (dang sectional wrestling tournament), but we will be Saturday evening and Sunday.  Sunday lunch is DATE TIME!!!  We’re actually going out to eat*!  I can hardly wait!!!   I’ve decided that Saturday is Pamper Zach Day.  I’m going to clean the whole house (or as much as Tutu will allow me to do), do the laundry (usually a Zach job), and decorate for my Valentine!  I had some down time, and I cut some hearts out of red, pink, and purple paper.  I was going to leave them unadorned and scatter them through the house.  Then I thought they needed something extra.  I didn’t have access to many crafty supplies, so writing was the winner.  Each heart says “I love you” in a different language.  I knew the three languages I had to use were Korean (Zach is ¼ Korean), German (that pretty much makes up the rest), and French (he took French through most of school).  I had some fun with the others.  Russian came to mind because of the Olympics.  I did Spanish, Italian, and Latin just to round out the romance languages.  I also did a Farsi heart (shout out Sadaf), and it was definitely the most tricky of the bunch.  

I’m also toying with the idea of giving him a “spa-like” experience by having a nice, hot bath drawn for him when he gets home.  He’s not a wine drinker, so maybe I’ll pour him a glass of beer to sip while he soaks.  He’s been working really hard lately (lots of early mornings and late nights with school and wrestling), so I think a relaxation day might just do the trick.  Oh!  And I don’t have to buy any candles, because we bought 100 tea lights when our power was out a few months ago.  Winwin!

What are you doing/did you do for your lover boy/girl?  Did you break the bank this year?

*We’ve been saving up our once a month restaurant trip for Valentine’s Day.  It’s nice that it falls right in the middle of the month!

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