Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Work Out

I *will* work out.  You are in for a treat:  a post about working out from someone that doesn’t do it!  This is really Zach's territory (he works out at least 5 days a week), but I figure most of us are beginners, not seasoned vets. 

Next month marks the beginning of training for the Peoria Steamboat Classic.  I have tried running a few times, but to no avail.  I’ll do it maybe two or three days.  Last year, Mama and her friend Kathy did the 4 mile race together, and I saw how good they felt crossing that finish line (and how quickly Mama’s legs slimmed down).  That day I decided I would do it the following year with my (still in the oven at the time) daughter.  I even got a fancy jogging stroller.  Zach and I blew our Christmas budget getting my running shoes (holla Running Central!).  I’ll feel really silly if this running thing doesn’t work out.

This will change our budget.  Registration is $80.00 (!), and I still need some things.  I have little ears, so headphones that actually stay in are a must.  I’m thinking these.  Any ones I find, I’ll have to see in real life before purchase.  Be thankful, normal-sized-ear people!  I also need contacts.  I only go to the eye doctor so I can get more contacts.  This past visit, I also got glasses to save some money on contacts (I’ve worn contacts almost exclusively since 7th grade).  Not wearing them every day stretches out their life a little longer, so I don’t have to purchase them so often.    Those suckers are expensive!  I’ve been wearing my glasses ever day for the past 4 months, and I’m done.  I am a contacts girl.  It’s time to get back to it. 

Alright, so I need headphones and contacts.  Not bad, right?  What do you need to prepare to start a workout routine?  Do you need the new gear to amp you up?

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  1. If ur shopping around for conacts send me a message on fb. I might be able to help you out.