Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Love with a Shark

Sorry I’ve been slacking with the blog posts.  I’ve been busy VACUUMING!!!  We bought our new Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro on Sunday.  I shopped around, and we ended up going to Wal-Mart (not my favorite place, but they did have the best buy this time).  

This is really the first time I’ve looked for the best price.  Usually I’m all about the convenience factor.  If I’m at Target, and what I want is at Target, I get it at Target.  I checked online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar stores.  Wal-Mart was the lucky winner.
Since Turner was a little fussy, the Shark even got to ride shotgun home (I ride in the back when she decides to fuss, so our car ride home is more pleasant).   For ease of assembly, I give Shark 5 stars!  My stubborn nature usually doesn’t include following directions, and I didn’t need them!  Everything snapped right together.  Before I knew it, Shark was practically pulling me across the living room.  The brushes are strong, so hardly any pushing is necessary.  It also has some handy tools:
  • Pet hair attachment.  We don’t have a pet, but it’s great on the couch.  
  • Crevice Tool.  I have every intention to use this… I did notice it has some vents toward the top, so it won’t suction to EVERYTHING.  I hate the sound the vacuum makes when that happens.  I’m afraid it will explode.
  • Hard floor attachment.  Oh man, this is amazing.  It’s a brush-free vacuum head with a washable, “Swiffer Duster”-like cloth that attaches behind it.  What the vacuum doesn’t suck up, the cloth catches.  Simply wonderful.  You actually detach the regular carpet vacuum head and attach the hard floor head to the wand.  Blew my mind. has some other attachments (hello vacuum-under-appliances tool!), but we’re good with these for the moment.  
The “Lift-Away” part happens when you lift the canister and motor off, so you can just carry that where you need to go.  If you need to get something up by the ceiling, you can lift it right up there.  My biggest beef (should I say tofu since I’m vegetarian?) with my old vacuums was that the wand was a nightmare to get more than two feet from the vacuum.  I’m glad to say it is no longer an issue.  I think I’ll vacuum tonight!
P.S. Zach just vacuumed with the old vacuum last Tuesday, and I picked up so much just 5 days later with Shark!  The dirt and dust reached the fill line.  I’m so glad we got this before Turner’s crawling days!

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