Thursday, February 13, 2014

All in the Name of Research

Let me just push my glasses up on my nose here… Alright.  
A couple months back, the vacuum crapped out on Zach and me.  I’m not even sure what brand it is.  All I know is after two and a half years it’s dunzo.  Luckily, Tutu is not mobile just yet, but that day is approaching quickly.  We decided to use part of our tax return to buy a new one.  Zach set a limit of $200.  It’s a good thing I have him around, because I was all set to blow a huge chunk of money on a Dyson.  I wanted to find concrete evidence (via customer reviews) that a Dyson was not the best.  So, to the Google I went.  I found a website that ranked the best vacuums of 2013 (the models that are currently out), and Dyson was not top dog!  I couldn’t believe it.  
Shark is now top…fish?  My mama got a Shark Rocket (it is a stick vacuum with a small canister at the top) and loves it.  I’m not sure it would suit our needs, though.  1) She is much better about regularly vacuuming than Zach and me, and 2) she has mostly hardwood to vacuum.  Our house has three rooms on the main floor and an entire second floor with new carpet.  New carpet=lots ‘o fuzzies.  I’m afraid I would be emptying that little canister after each room.  No bueno.  I’m already reluctant to clean, so I don’t need extra obstacles.  On Amazon, you can sort your search results by highest average customer rating, and Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright was number one.  This matched the results of the website I saw before.  Oh, and did I mention it is only $199?!  Winner!

Since I decided the Shark and I could be very happy together, it was time to comparison shop.  I looked at Amazon (since I was already there), Target (some great sales on vacuums right now!), Bed Bath & Beyond (since they almost always have a 20% off coupon), and Walmart (I don’t like to shop there unless I have to, but I do make exceptions).  It pains me to say it, but Walmart had the lowest price.  They have it listed for $178, and it’s in stock at my local store.  They had an interesting offer as well.  If you got the Shark, you could choose a hand-vac or steam mop for just $30 more.  Guess which girl’s mama needs a steam mop!  This one’s mama!  That steam mop is usually $60.  So, even though a BB&B coupon would make it $160ish there, the $30 steam mop is too good of a deal.  
I promise to report back once we’ve used the new bad boy a few times.  I’m hoping to be so excited that I can’t help but write a post all about it! Keep your fingers crossed!
Duh na…..duh na….. duh na duh na DUHNADUHNADUHNA!!!! (Jaws theme…)

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