Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby Food Update

One of my money saving tips is making baby food at home.  We spend maybe $10 on our weekly grocery trip for extra fruits and veggies.  Something about baby food being in a jar, on a shelf for who-knows-how-long just rubs me the wrong way.  Now I know Turner is getting preservative-free, organic food.  The only problem was storage.

The first containers we used were the ones that came with the Baby Bullet.  Those were great.  We could twist the top to the correct date, so we didn’t end up feeding Tu old food.  Well, she quickly out-ate those little jars.  My mama bought some little plastic containers, and Tu blew through the amount they held as well.  She really likes to eat.  I also wanted to start freezing large batches, but I didn’t want to mess with proportions and switching containers (I’m a diva).  Enter the baby shower gift from my friend, Brittany.  

If you have a baby, you’ve definitely seen the pouches of baby food in the store (probably even if you don’t have a baby, you’ve seen them).  Well, I got this fancy doodad!  I can make my own baby food pouches!  I can freeze them, write on them, refrigerate them, and so much more!  I really should be on infomercials.  I steam fruits (if needed) or veggies like normal, then squish them into the pouches (it’s a little more complicated than that, but the Amazon link explains it much better than I can).  The only downer is they can’t be microwaved.  This is for the best, though.  I really shouldn’t be using the microwave forTu’s food anyway. This stops me.  They heat up in no time in a cup of hot water.  I think I had it in there for all of about 3 minutes.  Since summer is coming, I probably won’t be heating up fruits for her anymore.  I might even make her some all fruitpopcicles!  Guess I need to find another doodad…

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